Our inspiration and our why is our three little ones: Adam, Olivia, and Rebecca. We love being moms, yes it’s challenging, but in one second they’re capable of making us forget any challenges we’ve had.

Unfortunately, most shoes are made of synthetic or cheap quality leather which doesn’t last long. Poor quality leather cracks or splits over a period of time and does not mould to our little one’s feet properly. Because everything is made of high end leather, our shoes last a long time giving them better strength and durability.

Our passion for quality shoes comes from our desire to give our children something beautiful, something classic, and more importantly sustainable. The craftsmanship of handmade shoes allows us to preserve a dying art, to support local artisans, and to provide the small supplier with fair wages.

Handmade shoes give us an opportunity to teach our children that a person, not very different than mommy or daddy, was involved in the process of designing, stamping, and assembling of each shoe. We pick the leather and materials ourselves, we deliver it to our local cordwainer who then carries the vision forward with great skill and detail.